Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business(SDVOSB)


4K Solutions, LLC was founded in 2006 as means to provide local IT services to my growing community. As a part-time endeavor 4K Solutions, LLC gained a reputation for dependability, honesty and quality. Repeat customers were a testament of my success.

As we entered 2009, my vision for 4K Solutions, LLC grew. I had a clear mission to provide my customers with the same level of quality and professionalism that had been the hallmark of over 20 years serving in US Special Operations and Ranger units.

From my earliest days as an Airman in the Air Force Special Operations units, I learned the importance of having dependable equipment and working as a member of a team. I was entrusted with the most important and sensitive missions; US Counter Drug Operations, search and rescues, small unit missions and support of humanitarian and combat operations.

David Theriault

CW2 Therialt at Haditha Dam

As a Non-Commissioned officer I was hand-selected for the most arduous and sensitive units. My character was of unquestionable loyalty and the highest quality of work. The projects I led were managed impeccably. I continually leveraged key technologies and the people who worked for me to step up and do more. Having a keen eye for what would or should work and what couldn’t, I developed and manufactured solutions to help get the mission done, saving time and money.

In 2000 I transitioned from an Airman to a Signal Warrant Officer in the US Army. I immediately volunteered for a Ranger assignment—I was selected for duty in the Ranger Regiment. Within 3 months 9/11 had changed me forever. Seven (7) combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan where I leveraged technologies, engineered and tailored IT and communications packages, defined and architected the IT infrastructure and built over 10 sites in 4 countries and on an aircraft carrier—all in combat!

In 4K Solutions, LLC’s new and expanded role, I continue to provide valuable guidance and direction to my customers; assessing, providing due diligence and recommendations of the highest quality products and solutions available in industry today.

Our advice and council is held in high regard.

Rangers Lead The Way!

David E. Theriault, CWO (ret), President