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Deployable Private Cellular – 3G/4G GSM

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Mission Critical Communications

Deploy secure private cellular infrastructure that can support existing mobile handsets without modification, providing tactical or emergency communications that are easily manageable by forward personnel.


  • Private ‘bubble’
    A dedicated network separate from existing commercial cellular network services
  • Subscriber control
    Easily configured to allow or disallow service on a per user level i.e. for authorized subscribers only
  • Encrypted Communications
    Mobile data connections can be utilised to provide encrypted communications; voice, messaging and multimedia via Secure Mobile
  • Situational awareness
    Device management providing network and device status to its operators
  • Global roaming
    Use your own SIM with GSM or a SiRRAN SIM for seamless roaming with access to 367 partner networks worldwide
  • Security & Anti Spoofing
    Standards based encrypted air interface limits network spoofing, while user access control enables an additional layer of security by only granting access to pre-provisioned users
  • Mobility
    Can be mounted onto vehicles, planes, UAVs or helicopters to provide secure communication services to a specified area
  • Localized private network
    Supporting COTM for all teams to communicate locally as well as remotely on a single private network
  • Broadband Extension
    Extends COTM satellite broadband connections from a fixed single point to up to 6KM of coverage available to any mobile device
  • Mesh mode
    For private inter-troop communications



4K Solutions is a preferred supplier of the EXPLORER Mobile Net, the GSMnet series of Secure Deployable GSM/Cellular Systems.

Corporate Overview

SiRRAN Communications Inc. is a unique telecommunications company and a global leader in the software development, mechanical engineering, manufacturing and deployment of innovative tactical GSM 4G/LTE and 3G cellular solutions, mobile applications for cross platform collaboration, tactical power and wireless unified communications infrastructure.

As a leading Mobile Network Enabler (MNE) our products and software solutions empower military, first responder and government entities to take control of challenging communications environments by ensuring access to SECURE, reliable cellular and IP-based voice, video and data communications.

SiRRAN solution can be used in military, tactical intelligence, law enforcement and public safety environments where access to live, real-time information is essential. Whether deployed on a crowded street in Manhattan, an oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico, a remote location in the deserts of Afghanistan or on snow capped mountains in Europe, SiRRAN’s unified communications solutions leverage their unique mobile core network infrastructure, our mobile communications and presence software and our patent-pending tactical power systems to ensure seamless cross platform connectivity from any location to any device anywhere and under virtually any condition.

Organizational Structure

Portable GSM Network (MNE / MVNO)

SiRRAN’s EXPLORER Mobile Net is a field deployable tactical secure GSM network solution designed to deliver seamless cellular communications coverage to critical incident responders, oil rigs, oil fields, remote villages, fishing camps and demanding mobile users in remote or hazardous environments or where and when conditions have rendered existing macro GSM Cellular networks inaccessible.

Housed within an ultra-rugged mobile carrying-case SiRRAN’s GSMnet™ unit is easily transportable by one individual and is pre-configured to provide reliable GSM Cellular coverage anywhere in the world at the touch of a button.


explorer“Tactical Single-Case Cellular Network Solution”
EXPLORER Mobile Net Data Sheet 


SiRRAN Mobile Net / GSMnet Architecture

explorer_diagram product_tgcn_map_large


Mobile/Cellular Over the Horizon GSMnet Packages

Emergency Cellular DataSheet


4K Solutions’s kits include a complete Mobile/Cellular Over the Horizon (OtH) GSMnet™ Packages that incorporates best of breed technologies from INMARSAT, Vizada, and other manufacturers. The Mobile OtH Package’s backhaul is utilized through the Hughes 9201 BGAN terminal. The Mobile OtH GSMnet Package will provide seven concurrent calls.

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