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Full Motion Video (FMV) / Video Over IP

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4K Solutions quickly responded to their US Army customer’s requirement for a brigade size wide fielding of a comprehensive installation and encoding solution. The 18 FMV Kits support their deployable ISR distribution requirements across the LAN, WAN and throughout their BN tactical operation centers and 4K Solutions partnered with a leading video encoding company to use their small and portable rugged video encoders. The FMV Kit™ has the capabilities to encode 3 SD ISR streams or 2 SD and 1 HD stream. Future updates will increase these capabilities. This FMV Kit™ Encoders can support Real-Time cursory on Target to Key Length Value Conversion (Col-KLV) Metadata.
It is assembled in the United States.

FMV Kit DataSheet

Optibase Technologies is a pioneer and market leader in advanced video over IP solutions, specializing in video encoding, decoding and streaming for government and law-enforcement agencies, military bases, Telco operators, enterprise organizations and the world’s leading broadcast service providers.

Our customer’s distribute FMV from Shadow UAV’s, Ravens, Predators, FireScout, P-3’s, AC-130’s, GBS, KA-10, TGIRS, IPTV, CATV, AFN Surviellance Systems.

Optibase’s products have been at the core of professional digital video broadcast solutions worldwide for more than a decade. The company’s platforms are based on sophisticated technology and are fully interoperable with equipment from a wide range of IPTV technology vendors, including set-top box developers, middleware software companies and IPTV network access vendors. Optibase has active commercial deployments in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

  • Using Optibase’s powerful solutions, organizations and Telco operators can easily stream live and on-demand video over their IP networks to desktops, STBs and TV screens in their network environment. Standards-based Optibase’s products ensure superb video quality in a scale of bit-rates. Optibase’s state-of-the-art high definition and standard definition streaming platforms and Enterprise Video Delivery and Management Systems support the latest and most widely used video formats, including MPEG-4 AVC (H.264), MPEG-4 part 2, MPEG-2, MPEG-1 and Adobe Flash.
EZ TV Enterprise IPTV System

EZ TV Enterprise IPTV System

Digital Video Delivery Solution for Enterprise Networks
EZ TV IPTV System is an advanced solution that empowers organizations to deliver live, on-demand and recorded video over their IP networks.
Optibase EZ TV allows military units, government agencies, enterprises, and educational institutions to deliver real-time and recorded video over their LANs and WANs. Using EZ TV Web Portal, administrators can create and manage video assets and distribute them effectively across the network. EZ TV System user groups and access privileges can be easily defined based on existing Microsoft Active Directory groups.
The browser-based EZ TV Player uses the most flexible digital video codec to offer CPU-efficient high quality playback of IPTV streams. With powerful features such as user-selected mosaic views of 1, 2, 4, 9 or 16 concurrent video feeds, de-interlacing engine for smooth viewing of high motion content, closed captioning and support for multiple audio tracks, EZ TV Player packs professional grade decoding capabilities in thin client architecture. EZ TV Player supports low latency smooth playback, powered by TurboVideo™ technology. Its decryption engine enables secure delivery of Optibase MGW-encrypted streams with AES-256/128-bit encryption.
With the EZ TV VOD/NDVR Server, administrators can easily upload pre-recorded content for on-demand playback by users. Live channels can be recorded automatically at scheduled times or archived continuously and accessed by users at any time. In addition, authorized users may record channels for their own private use. The advanced recording engine automatically detects and tags duplicate requests to record content, optimizing storage space and eliminating data redundancy.
For conference rooms and executive offices, EZ TV STB Module integrates commercial IP set-top-boxes into the EZ TV eco-system, allowing users to view content on their HD or SD TV monitors. A powerful middleware graphical interface makes it easy to view live and on-demand content.


  • Tactical and Situational Awareness
  • Corporate Communication
  • Video Monitoring and Video Confidence
  • Training and Education
  • TV over IP

Reality Mobile





Reality Mobile provides enterprise organizations and government agencies with real-time mobile video collaboration.

RealityVision® is dependable, proven technology. In mission-critical government and commercial applications, it has demonstrated its merits at every operational level: from field personnel, to headquarters operations staff, to management, to independent experts. Today, the software is being used successfully in many government and commercial settings, including field deployments to enhance security during major public events.


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