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LifeRing – Mobile Device – Blue Force Tracking

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AGIS LifeRing
Mobile Blue Force Tracker Collaboration

AGIS Inc.’s, LifeRing “software” is JITC/DISA certified and holds 7 Patents. LifeRing is a robust Blue Force Tracking technology for Mobile Devices. LifeRing provides Common Operating Picture (COP) Managers, Tactical & Incident Commanders mobile online group collaboration by enabling each user and Team to: a. monitor their own location and the locations of other Operators, First Responders and Team in their group on a map and b. quickly and easily call, transmit text messages, photographs and video to other First Responders by simply pointing at the other user’s map symbol.

AGIS’s provides the Key Decision Makers with knowledge of the location and status of all operators and teams. The AGIS LifeRing software has many features specifically designed tactical teams’ use and has software to permit it to be customer customized. AGIS provides the software for the various PDA cell phones, Netted Iridium, Laptops, Tablets, and tactical IP based radios. The LifeRing solution software for their own IP server and a mapping system which permits existing or new maps to be transferred to the computing devices.


Mobile Devices running LifeRing software are plotted on Google maps, street maps and satellite imagery.



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